The Mind of a Murderer

The Mind of a Murderer PDF Author: Katherine M. Ramsland
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313386722
Category : Law
Languages : en
Pages : 217

Book Description
This unique history of the last 100 years of criminal psychology shares insights about infamous murderers from the psychiatrists and other trained psychological professionals who analyzed and treated them. * 18 primary case histories, with comparisons to several other cases for comparison * Chronological arrangement of cases, showcasing a century in the development of forensic psychology

Murder: Past Tense

Murder: Past Tense PDF Author: Margaret J. Carr
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 171

Book Description
MURDER: PAST TENSE On the very night the world learns of the assassination of an American president a young girl runs away from home. The fourteen year old is escaping from a life time of abuse by her stepfather. She cannot know what lies ahead of her, only that she is leaving behind the man she has loathed for years, and who she has left bleeding on the kitchen floor after plunging a knife into him. Jenny makes a new life for herself, hopeful that the police will never arrest her for the murder of Ernie. Thirty years on and Sophie Curtiss is visiting old friends in the small market town of Willowford. When a woman is found dead a vicious blackmailer is uncovered, and Sophie and her friends are inexplicably drawn in to the mystery. But who is the killer? There appears to be quite a number of people who are glad to see her dead. An arrest, then another death and it is only when Sophie accidental stumbles on the details of a past crime that the truth is uncovered....

The Sexual Murderer

The Sexual Murderer PDF Author: Eric Beauregard
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317407156
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 252

Book Description
Sexual homicide continues to be one of the most widely reported and sensationalised forms of murder, attracting fascination from the public and scholars alike. Despite this continued interest, few empirical studies have been conducted on this particular form of sexual crime. The Sexual Murderer provides an analytical review of the state of knowledge on the sexual murderer and his offense, and presents new data that confronts some of the accepted ideas and myths surrounding this type of homicide. The authors draw on original data stemming from both offenders and the police to present an exhaustive and accurate picture of the sexual murderer and his offense, and compare the sex offenders who do kill with sex offenders who, despite being very violent, do not. Each chapter includes a section on the practical implications of the findings, and what the findings mean for professionals working with these cases and for the criminal justice system. This book explores themes including the role of fantasies, paraphilias, and personality; criminal career; context of the crime; journey to murder; modus operandi and crime scene; sex trade workers; avoiding detection; body disposal pathways; and whether we can predict sexual homicide occurrence. This book is a comprehensive resource for academic and professionals involved in sexual homicide cases, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, investigators and profilers, as well as individuals working in the field of sexual violence. This book will also be of interest to students taking courses on homicide, sexual homicide, and serial homicide.

The Mind of the Murderer

The Mind of the Murderer PDF Author: W. Lindesay Neustatter
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504067274
Category : Psychology
Languages : en
Pages : 240

Book Description
This study by a British psychologist explores the relationship between mental illness, murder, and the Homicide Act of 1957. In 1957, a new bill went before Parliament addressing the use of capital punishment in cases of murder. It sparked a debate—as relevant today as it was then—about how to prosecute a killer who suffers a mental illness or disability. In order to shed light on the terms of this argument, psychologist W. L. Neustatter published this study of recent homicide cases that touched on the subject. Here, Neustatter examines the minds of murderers known to be schizophrenic or psychopathic, or suffer from such conditions as epilepsy or paranoia. He also looks at a case of murder under hypnosis; a man who made, then retracted, his guilty confession; and a variety of other cases that fall into a troubling grey area of culpability.

PONS Kurzkrimis: Murder in the Fog

PONS Kurzkrimis: Murder in the Fog PDF Author: Dominic Butler
Publisher: PONS
ISBN: 3120501034
Category : Foreign Language Study
Languages : de
Pages : 128

Book Description
Englisch lernen mit mörderischen Kurzgeschichten Sie lesen gerne Krimis und möchten etwas für Ihr Englisch tun? Mit diesen spannenden Kriminalgeschichten frischen Sie Ihr Englisch auf. Die verwendete Sprache passt genau zu Ihrem Lernniveau, so dass Ihnen das Lesen ganz leicht fällt. Schwierigere Wörter sind in den Fußnoten übersetzt. Für Anfänger (A1) bis Wiedereinsteiger (A2).

The Murder Game

The Murder Game PDF Author: M J Lee
Publisher: Canelo
ISBN: 1788630777
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 300

Book Description
A woman appears on the streets of Shanghai. She has thousands of cuts – and is screaming for Inspector Danilov... Days later, the woman is dead. But another body is left waiting for the Inspector. Someone is playing with Danilov... someone prepared to kill, just to get their message across. At first, the victims seem unconnected. But with each body bringing a new message for Danilov, he knows this is a riddle especially designed for him. As more bodies start appearing, time is running out to solve the deadly puzzle... Haunted by the past and riven with tension, The Murder Game is hair-raising and unputdownable, perfect for fans of Philip Kerr and David Young. Inspector Danilov Crime Thriller Series Death in Shanghai City of Shadows The Murder Game The Killing Time

Murder and Madness

Murder and Madness PDF Author: Matthew G. Schoenbachler
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813139422
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 392

Book Description
The "Kentucky Tragedy" was early America's best known true crime story. In 1825, Jereboam O. Beauchamp assassinated Kentucky attorney general Solomon P. Sharp. The murder, trial, conviction, and execution of the killer, as well as the suicide of his wife, Anna Cooke Beauchamp -- fascinated Americans. The episode became the basis of dozens of novels and plays composed by some of the country's most esteemed literary talents, among them Edgar Allan Poe and William Gilmore Simms. In Murder and Madness, Matthew G. Schoenbachler peels away two centuries of myth to provide a more accurate account of the murder. Schoenbachler also reveals how Jereboam and Anna Beauchamp shaped the meaning and memory of the event by manipulating romantic ideals at the heart of early American society. Concocting a story in which Solomon Sharp had seduced and abandoned Anna, the couple transformed a sordid murder -- committed because the Beauchamps believed Sharp to be spreading a rumor that Anna had had an affair with a family slave -- into a maudlin tale of feminine virtue assailed, honor asserted, and a young rebel's revenge. Murder and Madness reveals the true story behind the murder and demonstrates enduring influence of Romanticism in early America.