Needles of Stone

Needles of Stone PDF Author: Tom Graves
ISBN: 9780954053154
Category : Antiquities, Prehistoric
Languages : en
Pages : 289

Book Description
This book takes the reader on an extraordinary journey. Using his skills as a dowser, the author explores the realm of Earth mysteries -- megaliths, ley-lines, barrows, beacon hills, and other ancient features -- and puts forward some startling, but nonetheless highly plausible ideas. He reveals a view of our world that links past and present, a world that hints at a magical technology linking people and place; a world whose energies could perhaps have been harnessed in the past to improve the quality of life. It is also a plea for us to rediscover the profound connection with place that our ancestors knew, and to begin to heal a relationship with land that has been badly ravaged by the values and assumptions of the modem world. "Needles of Stone" has long and rightly been considered a classic. With the addition of new chapters, this 30th Anniversary edition allows the author to bring the work up-to-date and gives him an opportunity to reflect on what has happened since the book was first written.

Alchemism Samsara

Alchemism Samsara PDF Author: Kaimenyingke
Publisher: Singapore New Reading Technology Pte Ltd
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 284

Book Description
Lin Tianya, the successor of the Saint Douglas, was betrayed by his beloved Senior Sister Mo Lian. As a result, he was accidentally swallowed by the God Medn with Mo Lian.The crippled Xia Chuan lived in Qing Yang City's Ye Family, and after he obtained Lin Tianya's Samsara Divine Soul, he used his crippled body to subdue the waste planet, search for the secrets of his origins, take control of the universe, kill his enemies with his own hands, deal with numerous schemes, possess countless lovers, and become a supreme exalt...

Needles from the Nile

Needles from the Nile PDF Author: Chris Elliott
Publisher: Liverpool University Press
ISBN: 1800855109
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 328

Book Description
In the hearts of London and New York stand their two oldest public monuments, Cleopatra’s Needles, the last of a series of obelisks from Ancient Egypt to be moved abroad during a period of over two thousand years. This book uses the Needles to examine how objects embody the cultures that create them, and how the use, value, and meaning of these objects change as they are transferred between cultures by gift, sale, barter, or theft. It explores the way in which obelisks functioned as imperial trophies, how their transfer was part of the complex political manoeuvring between European powers, America, the Ottoman Empire, and the semi-autonomous rulers of Egypt, and how their acquisition reflected the relative power of these parties. In contrast, it also examines the crucial role that private individuals and finance played in the acquisition and transport of the obelisks, and how popular understanding of them, and of the culture they came from, often differed from those of social and professional elites. It also relates the Needles to contemporary debates about the ownership of cultural artefacts, the legacy of colonial history, and the nature of reception as the process of understanding and valuing the past and its surviving material and immaterial culture.

The Grammar of Lithography

The Grammar of Lithography PDF Author: W. D. Richmond
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108009077
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 276

Book Description
A comprehensive practical guide to the many lithographic techniques current in the nineteenth century.

Comprehensive Handbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Comprehensive Handbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine PDF Author: Yifang Zhang
Publisher: Shanghai Press
ISBN: 1938368797
Category : Health & Fitness
Languages : en
Pages : 292

Book Description
For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has helped countless people with their health, and is still widely sought after today—especially by those all over the world who are intrigued by natural healing and healthcare.The culture underlying TCM is broad and the information incredibly extensive, which means it can be difficult to know where to start for those who are interested in learning. This book does just that, providing both an encyclopedia of knowledge in the field, while also acting as a practical manual to guide readers to greater health. It offers an effective, easy-to-learn set of daily TCM skills and expert advice on how to use them.Through this book, you can learn:•Basic concepts such as yin-yang, the five elements, meridians and acupoints, qi, blood flow and constitution•How to judge your own health status through constitution tests and develop a personalized health plan for yourself•How to make external adjustments for your health through TCM practices such as acupressure, cupping, scraping, heat treatment, acupuncture, massage and other methods•TCM methods of natural internal adjustments including food therapy, herbal medicine, breathing techniques, sleep, meditation, qigong and other practices that will enhance your physical and mental health from the inside out•A twelve-hour regimen with adaptations for each of the four seasons, stages in life, times of day, and place where it is practiced, allowing readers to customize the plan to their lives.

Drawing with Great Needles

Drawing with Great Needles PDF Author: Aaron Deter-Wolf
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0292749120
Category : Art
Languages : en
Pages : 293

Book Description
For thousands of years, Native Americans used the physical act and visual language of tattooing to construct and reinforce the identity of individuals and their place within society and the cosmos. This book offers an examination into the antiquity, meaning, and significance of Native American tattooing in the Eastern Woodlands and Great Plains.--Publisher description.